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Namdal Taxi welcome you to Namdalen and Namdal Taxi online.


Namdal Taxi hope you will enjoy your stay in Namdalen, and that you will make use of our services. With our 6 cars, 1 Maxitaxi – with 9 passengers seats, our job is to meet your every need for transportation.


Namdal Taxi can offer the following:

  • Ordinary taxi 1–4 passengers
  • Maxitaxi  5–9 passengers (and 1-4 passengers)
  • Airport taxi – Fixed low price to/from Rørvik airport, Ryum (RVK)
  • Fixed price upon agreement 
  • God prices sightseeing different parts of the district


Dial our sentral to order +47 07416 or find other ways to contact us.


For more information about beautiful Namdalen please take a look at Visit Namdalen information site


If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact us!


We welcome you as our customer and ensure you that Namdal Taxi will take good care of you. We wish you a pleasant stay!